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    2009 Hog Market Outlook [1]
    A. B. Chance Company transportation distribution management study [1]
    Acceptance of Genetically Modified Foods among Maltese Youths : Can Exposure to Formal Knowledge Make a Difference? [1]
    Adaptations to the agricultural risk coverage program and their consequences [1]
    Addressing Constraints to the Use of Plant Biotechnology in Developing Countries [1]
    Addressing Micronutrient Deficiencies : Alternative Interventions and Technologies [1]
    Adjusting organizational structure for cooperative longevity : Missouri farmers association, 1920 - 1950 [1]
    Adoption and diffusion of agrobiotechnologies in the US cotton production [1]
    The Adoption and Diffusion of GM Crops in United States : A Real Option Approach [1]
    Adoption and productivity of breeding technologies : evidence from US dairy farms [1]
    Adoption and Uptake Pathway of GM Technology by Chinese Smallholders : Evidence from Bt Cotton Production [1]
    Adoption of Best Management Practices to Control Weed Resistance by Corn, Cotton, and Soybean Growers [1]
    Adoption of Conservation-Tillage Practices and Herbicide-Resistant Seed in Cotton Production [1]
    Adoption of nitrogen efficient eco-innovations by United States corn farmers. [1]
    Adoption of nitrogen efficient eco-innovations by US corn farmers [1]
    Adoption of nutrient management practices [1]
    Adoption of organic farming systems in Missouri [1]
    The adoption of rBST on Wisconsin dairy farms [1]
    Adoption of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin and Farm Profitability : Does Farm Size Matter? [1]
    Adoption Patterns of Herbicide-Tolerant Soybeans in Argentina [1]