• The distribution of farm labor 

    Sheppard, Donald David (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1917)
    It is important that a farmer know the labor requirements in the productions of the various crops and in the production of the various classes of livestock, and that he know what influence a combination of crops and stock ...
  • The efficiency of the farm diary in accounting investigations 

    Foard, W. E. (William Euphrates) (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1914)
    As stated in the subject, the purpose of this paper is to set forth the efficiency in accounting investigations of the Diary system of keeping Farm records. This system of keeping farm records is known as the farm diary. ...
  • Investigations of rural conditions in Boone County, Missouri, as related to the county farm adviser 

    Besse, Ralph S. (Ralph Stephen), 1887- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1916)
    The agricultural development of the past five years has established in thirty-three states of the union outside of the southern states "County Agricultural Agents" or "Farm Advisers" whose duty it is to live in the county ...
  • Work stock management 

    Barrett, Orley Glen (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    The object of this investigation is to arrive at some conclusion or determine, if possible, the most satisfactory means or methods of management of the work stock or work animals on the farms in actual operation.