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    Is olanzapine plus fluoxetine more effective than olanzapine alone for bipolar I depression? [1]
    Is oral antiviral therapy for localized herpes zoster safe and effective for preventing postherpetic neuralgia? [1]
    Is oral prednisone as effective as high-dose IV steroids as initial treatment in a patient with a COPD exacerbation? [1]
    Is oral spironolactone effective for acne in women? [1]
    Is osteopathic manipulation effective for headaches? [1]
    Is osteopathic manipulation treatment effective in the treatment of pneumonia? [1]
    Is osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT) effective for pregnancy-related musculoligamentous pain? [1]
    Is osteoporosis screening in postmenopausal women effective? [1]
    Is patient-controlled analgesia effective for patients with sickle cell pain crisis? [1]
    Is peppermint oil an effective therapy for irritable bowel syndrome? [1]
    Is physical activity an effective treatment for anxiety and depression? [1]
    Is physician-delivered motivational interviewing effective for smoking cessation? [1]
    Is platelet function testing important in a patient taking aspirin or clopidogrel after a coronary event? [1]
    Is platelet-rich plasma therapy an effective treatment for plantar fasciitis? [1]
    Is pneumococcal vaccine effective in nursing home patients? [1]
    Is pregabalin safe and effective for diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN)? [1]
    Is problem-solving therapy effective for managing obesity? [2]
    Is prolotherapy an effective nonsurgical treatment option for a partial ACL tear? [1]
    Is prolotherapy effective for lateral epicondylitis? [1]
    Is prophylactic anticoagulation safe and effective in older adults with atrial fibrillation? [1]