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    How do you assess an infant with persistent hypoglycemia?
    How do you diagnose spontaneous bacterial peritonitis?
    How do you differentiate pseudoseizures from real seizures?
    How do you evaluate macrocytosis without anemia?
    How do you identify the cause of transaminase elevation in patients with chronic hepatitis?
    How do you make the diagnosis of hereditary hemochromatosis (HH)?
    How do you noninvasively diagnose medial plica syndrome (MPS) of the knee?
    How do you prevent MRSA colonization among close contacts of patients with abscess or cellulitis in the community?
    How do you prevent MRSA colonization among close contacts of patients with MRSA skin and soft tissue infections?
    How do you treat perioral dermatitis?
    How does caffeine affect aerobic endurance?
    How does colonoscopy compare with fecal occult blood testing as a screening tool for colon cancer?
    How does electronic fetal heart rate monitoring affect labor and delivery outcomes?
    How does exclusive breastfeeding affect risk of postpartum depression?
    How does furosemide infusion compare with bolus dosing for severe systolic heart failure and fluid overload?
    How does montelukast compare with inhaled corticosteroids for the control of mild to moderate persistent asthma in children?
    How does negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) compare with other treatments for acute surgical wounds?
    How does pentoxifylline affect survival of patients with alcoholic hepatitis?
    How does regional anesthesia (epidural or combined spinal-epidural) affect childbirth outcomes?
    How does smoking in the home affect children with asthma?