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    Should caffeine be restricted during pregnancy?
    Should coenzyme Q10 be used to lower blood pressure in asymptomatic patients?
    Should home apnea monitoring be recommended to prevent SIDS?
    Should induction of labor be considered in a woman with a macrosomic baby?
    Should jaundiced infants be breastfed?
    Should liver enzymes be checked in a patient taking niacin?
    Should patients on chronic PPI therapy be placed on calcium supplementation to prevent fractures?
    Should patients receive 23-valent pneumococcal vaccination more than once?
    Should patients with acute DVT limit activity?
    Should patients with asthma be routinely screened for depression?
    Should patients with elevated CRP levels and no other risk factors be started on a statin?
    Should people with a first-degree relative who died from subarachnoid hemorrhage be screened for aneurysms?
    Should preparticipation physicals for school-age athletes include routine EKGs?
    Should preparticipation physicals for school-aged athletes include routine EKGs?
    Should probiotics be used when starting IV antibiotics in the hospitalized patient?
    Should Rh– women receive Rh immunoglobin for a miscarriage before 12 weeks’ gestational age?
    Should screening for depression be considered after an acute myocardial infarction?
    Should the male partner of someone with HPV changes on cervical biopsy have androscopy?
    Should the varicella vaccine be given to all children to prevent chickenpox?
    Should we advise patients to keep syrup of ipecac on hand for poisonings?