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    Do any folk remedies or herbals help induce labor?
    Do any topical agents help prevent or reduce stretch marks?
    Do asymptomatic adults need screening EKGs?
    Do beta-blockers worsen respiratory status for patients with COPD?
    Do beta-blockers worsen respiratory status in patients with COPD?
    Do calcium supplements prevent postmenopausal osteoporotic fractures?
    Do children exposed to maternal opioids during gestation have increased risk of long-term deficits compared with children who were not exposed?
    Do cold compresses and antihistamines improve healing after a brown recluse spider bite?
    Do complementary agents lower HbA1c when used with standard type 2 diabetes therapy?
    Do corticosteroid injections improve carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms?
    Do COX-2 inhibitors worsen renal function?
    Do daily inhaled corticosteroids provide benefit over as-needed inhaled steroids for mild persistent asthma?
    Do daycare facilities adhere to exercise recommendations for preschool age children?
    Do decongestants improve or slow progression chronic or recurrent rhinosinusitis?
    Do dietary choices alone alter the risk of developing metabolic syndrome?
    Do dietary interventions improve ADHD symptoms in children?
    Do endovascular filters prevent PE as effectively as anticoagulants in patients with DVT?
    Do epidural corticosteroid injections provide any benefit in patients with lumbar radiculopathy?
    Do glucosamine and chondroitin worsen blood sugar control in diabetes?
    Do glucosamine or chondroitin cause regeneration of cartilage in osteoarthritis?