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    Effect of information technology and informatics on the treatment and control of type 2 diabetes [Abstract] [1]
    Effect of NSAID use in the acute phase of skeletally immature bone healing : a prospective, randomized, controlled study [1]
    The effect of troponin I phosphorylation on the steepness of the Frank-Starling relationship [1]
    Effective analgesic options for intrauterine device placement pain [1]
    Effective Management of Flatulence [1]
    An Effective Strategy for the Synthesis of Biocompatible Gold Nanoparticles Using Cinnamon Phytochemicals for Phantom CT Imaging and Photoacoustic Detection of Cancerous Cells [1]
    Effective Therapies for Intermittent Claudication [1]
    Effectiveness of dermoscopy in skin cancer diagnosis [1]
    Effects of Altered Prenatal Hormonal Environment on Expression of Autoimmune Disease in NZB/NZW Mice [1]
    Effects of ischemic metabolites and chronic exercise on cardiac myocyte function [1]
    The effects of physical activity on adipose tissue metabolism and DNA methylation [1]
    The effects of sex and ovarian hormones on arterial baroreflex control of blood pressure in humans [1]
    Effects of Soy Protein-Based Formula in Full-Term Infants [1]
    The effects of toll-like receptor ligand-activated dendritic cells on human CD4⁺T cell responses [1]
    Effects of treprostinil sodium in a monocrotaline-induced rat model of pulmonary hypertension [1]
    Efficacy of a low-carbohydrate or ketogenic diet in preventing patient morbidity and mortality [1]
    Efficacy of TNF inhibitor treatment in a model of heart failure and resulting cachexia [1]
    Elbow injuries in throwing athletes [1]
    Elective abortion [1]
    Electrical cardioversion algorithm (not in arrest) [1]