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    Quadriceps contusions in athletes
    Quality of Life in Older Persons with Dementia Living in Nursing Homes
    Quality/Safety Section
    Quality/Safety Section : Introducing the journal's quality/safety section
    A quantification of the changes in articular cartilage material properties during the onset of osteoarthritis using stress relaxation testing
    Quantitative Profiling of S-Nitrosylated Proteins in Parkinson's Disease Paradigms for the Effects of Botanical Phenolics [abstract]
    The Question of Declining Sperm Density Revisited: An Analysis of 101 Studies Published 1934-1996
    Radiological modalities in the diagnosis and screening of liver cirrhosis and its complications
    Raloxifene for Prevention of Osteoporotic Fractures
    Ramipril for claudication?
    Rash in a Returning Traveler
    Rational design of split gene vectors to expand the packaging capacity of adeno-associated viral vectors
    Rats selectively-bred for low and high voluntary running: co-selected traits and the effects of voluntary running on the dentate gyrus transcriptome
    Reactive arthritis
    Real warfarin resistance or medication noncompliance?
    Receptor for advanced glycation end-products blockade improves endothelial dependent vascular function in atherosclerotic mice
    Recidivism and resource use by mental health patients in the emergency room
    Recurrence rates of nonmelanoma skin cancer after malignant destruction : a single center retrospective analysis of 984 tumors
    Recurrent early pregnancy loss
    Reducing ACL Injuries in Female Athletes