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    Radiological modalities in the diagnosis and screening of liver cirrhosis and its complications [1]
    Raloxifene for Prevention of Osteoporotic Fractures [1]
    Ramipril for claudication? [1]
    Rash in a Returning Traveler [1]
    A rash that cannot be missed : disseminated herpes zoster as a result of immunomodulation by Adalimumab [1]
    Rat modeling of ovarian tissue cryopreservation and auto-grafting [1]
    Rational design of split gene vectors to expand the packaging capacity of adeno-associated viral vectors [1]
    Rats selectively-bred for low and high voluntary running: co-selected traits and the effects of voluntary running on the dentate gyrus transcriptome [1]
    A re-challenging case [1]
    Reactive arthritis [1]
    Real warfarin resistance or medication noncompliance? [1]
    Receptor for advanced glycation end-products blockade improves endothelial dependent vascular function in atherosclerotic mice [1]
    Recidivism and resource use by mental health patients in the emergency room [1]
    Recurrence rates of nonmelanoma skin cancer after malignant destruction : a single center retrospective analysis of 984 tumors [1]
    Recurrent early pregnancy loss [1]
    Reducing ACL Injuries in Female Athletes [1]
    Reflux disease (GERD) [1]
    Reflux, aspiration and respiratory disease in dogs : clinical consideration and advances in aerodigestive diagnostics [1]
    Regeneration of insulin-producing [beta]-cells during recovery from disease: a cure for Type 1 Diabetes [1]
    Regulating the regulators : using CD25 depletion to enhance immune responses to a model plasmid-based vaccine [1]