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    Ulnar nerve and median nerve neuropathy in the cyclist [1]
    Ultrastructural damages in the brain induced by low-intensity primary blast wave : a transmission electron microscopy study on mild traumatic brain injury [1]
    Ultrastructural Islet Study of Early Fibrosis in the Ren2 Rat Model of Hypertension Emerging Role of the Islet Pancreatic Pericyte-Stellate Cell [1]
    Uncovering morphoproteomic relationships using probabilistic graphical models and resource description framework knowledgebases [1]
    Understanding Arabidopsis ion homeostasis in the post-genomic era : assigning function to two proteins involved in iron metabolism [1]
    Understanding intensive care unit clinical communication using knowledge representation [1]
    Understanding structure, function, and evolution of protein-protein interactions by computational modeling and analysis [1]
    The uninsured in Missouri [1]
    University of Missouri bulletin ; volume 39, number 15 [1]
    University of Missouri bulletin. Medical series ; 1938, number 14 [1]
    Unraveling the role of the endogenous complex gut microbiota in the Pirc rat model of human colon cancer [1]
    An unusual case of late recurrent Hodgkin lymphoma presenting with soft tissue masses [1]
    Unusual presentation of Coxsackie B rhabdomyolysis : Case report and literature review [1]
    Updates in Hospital Palliative Care [1]
    Ureteral calculi: What should you consider before intervening? [1]
    Urinary system [1]
    Urine Dipstick for Diagnosing Urinary Tract Infection [1]
    Urine drug screening in chronic pain management [1]
    Use anesthetic drops to relieve acute otitis media pain [1]
    The use of FD-filamentous bacteriophage for the in vivo imaging of cancer [1]