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    Ultrastructural Islet Study of Early Fibrosis in the Ren2 Rat Model of Hypertension Emerging Role of the Islet Pancreatic Pericyte-Stellate Cell [1]
    Uncovering morphoproteomic relationships using probabilistic graphical models and resource description framework knowledgebases [1]
    Underrecognized atrial fibrillation in cryptogenic stroke [1]
    Understanding structure, function, and evolution of protein-protein interactions by computational modeling and analysis [1]
    Ureteral calculi: What should you consider before intervening? [1]
    using SMN gene replacement to address biological questions [1]
    Viscous lidocaine no better than placebo at improving fluid intake for kids with infectious oral ulcers [1]
    Vitamin C for pregnant smokers [1]
    The were-rabbit [1]
    What agents should older patient with atrial fibrillation take to prevent stroke? [1]
    What agents should older patients with atrial fibrillation take to prevent stroke? [1]
    What antiepileptic drugs cause elevation of liver transaminases? [1]
    What antihypertensive agents are least likely to cause erectile dysfunction? [1]
    What are common causes of elevated transaminases in asymptomatic patients? [1]
    What are effective nonhormonal treatments for vasomotor symptoms in menopause? [1]
    What are effective treatments for acute maxillary sinusitis? [1]
    What are effective treatments for medication overuse headache? [1]
    What are safe and effective pharmacotherapeutic treatments for vitiligo? [1]
    What are the adverse effects of meningococcal vaccines in adolescents? [1]
    What are the adverse effects of prolonged opioid use in patients with chronic pain? [1]