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    Caveolin-1 A scaffold for microcompartmental organization of membrane-associated glycolysis
    CFTR gating mechanism: the role of dimerization of nucleotide binding domains
    Collecting lymphatic vessel permeability to albumin and its modification by natriuretic peptides
    Contribution of AT1R mechanoactivation to the arterial myogenic response and its regulation by RGS5 protein in skeletal muscle arterioles
    The contribution of titin to striated muscle shortening
    The control of blood flow in skeletal muscle arterioles
    Cost and Consequences of Sedentary Living: New Battleground for an Old Enemy
    Design, synthesis, and evaluation of radiolabeled bombesin conjugates for the diagnosis of breast cancer
    The determination of the lecithans in the tissues and fluids of the animal body
    Development and characterization of fluorescent dye-doped nanoparticles with enhanced fluorescence intensity and photostability [abstract]
    The effect of digitalis on the cardiac peripheral neuro-muscular complex
    The effect of troponin I phosphorylation on the steepness of the Frank-Starling relationship
    Effects of ischemic metabolites and chronic exercise on cardiac myocyte function
    The effects of physical activity on adipose tissue metabolism and DNA methylation
    The effects of sex and ovarian hormones on arterial baroreflex control of blood pressure in humans
    Effects of treprostinil sodium in a monocrotaline-induced rat model of pulmonary hypertension
    Efficacy of TNF inhibitor treatment in a model of heart failure and resulting cachexia
    Exercise, FGF21, and PGC-1 : roles in hepatic metabolism
    Expression of adiponectin receptors by vascular smooth muscle cells
    Expression of IGF2R, IGF2, TGF, and uPAR in a rat model of obesity