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    On the pharmacological action of certain organic derivatives of arsenic with special reference to salvarsan and sodium cacodylate [1]
    P2Y₂ nucleotide receptor up-regulation and function in submandibular gland epithelium [1]
    Peroxynitrite, pumps and perivascular adipose tissue: studies across the physiological spectrum [1]
    Pharmacological action of acetanilide, antipyrine & acetphenetidin on cardiac muscle [1]
    Pharmacological action of atropine on cardiac muscle [1]
    The pharmacological action of certain bromide salts [1]
    Phenotypically different cells in the nucleus of the solitary tract: expression of group I metabotropic glutamate receptors and activation by baroreflexes [1]
    Physical inactivity induced dysregulation of skeletal muscle and adipose tissue metabolism [1]
    Power Output Is Increased After Phosphorylation of Myofibrillar Proteins in Rat Skinned Cardiac Myocytes [1]
    Receptor for advanced glycation end-products blockade improves endothelial dependent vascular function in atherosclerotic mice [1]
    A role for insulin in the central control of sympathetic nerve activity in humans [1]
    The role of adipose tissue in the regulation of endothelial function in type 2 diabetes: mechanisms and therapeutic implications [1]
    Roles of sex and insulin on microvascular exchange function [1]
    Sedentary death syndrome is what researchers now call America's second largest threat to public health [1]
    Self-Aligned Microchip Device for Automated Measurement of Quantal Exocytosis [abstract] [1]
    Small Amounts of α-Myosin Heavy Chain Isoform Expression Significantly Increase Power Output of Rat Cardiac Myocyte Fragments [1]
    A study of the chemistry of nerve degeneration [1]
    Thick filament regulation of myocardial contraction [1]
    Vascular smooth muscle metabolism and pyruvate dehydrogenase [1]