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Recent Submissions

  • Is China the Market for Genetically Modified Potatoes? 

    Curtis, Kynda R.; McCluskey, Jill J.; Wahl, Thomas I. (AgBioForum, 2002)
    Major food companies have refused to use genetically modified (GM) potatoes in their processed potato products for fear of consumer backlash resulting from anti-GM food attitudes in Europe and Japan. However, recent findings ...
  • Issues on Adoption, Import Regulations, and Policies for Biotech Commodities in China with a Focus on Soybeans 

    Marchant, Mary; Fang, Cheng; Song, Baohui (AgBioForum, 2002)
    China is a key player in global agricultural markets. Soybeans are an important commodity for both the United States and China, whereby China is the leading global importer of soybeans and the United States is the leading ...
  • Bt Cotton Benefits, Costs, and Impacts in China 

    Huang, Jikun; Hu, Ruifa; Fan, Cuihui; Pray, Carl E. (Carl Esek); Rozelle, Scott (AgBioForum, 2002)
    The overall goal of this research is to reexamine findings of earlier efforts that analyzed the effect of Bt cotton adoption in 1999 with two follow-up surveys conducted in 2000 and 2001. Our survey data on yields and ...
  • Consumer Attitudes Toward Genetically Modified Foods in Beijing, China 

    Li, Quan; Curtis, Kynda R.; McCluskey, Jill J.; Wahl, Thomas I. (AgBioForum, 2002)
    A consumer survey in Beijing, China, was conducted in August 2002. Although the majority of surveyed consumers reported that they had little or no knowledge of biotechnology, their attitudes toward genetically modified ...
  • GM Foods : A Nanjing Case Study of Chinese Consumers' Awareness and Potential Attitudes 

    Zhong, Funing; Marchant, Mary; Ding, Yulian; Lu, Kaiyu (AgBioForum, 2002)
    This article provides insights on Chinese consumers' awareness of and potential attitudes toward genetically modified (GM) foods and identifies major factors influencing these attitudes as assessed by telephone interviews ...
  • Agricultural Biotechnology Development and Policy in China 

    Huang, Jikun; Wang, Qinfang (AgBioForum, 2002)
    This article provides an overview of China's agricultural biotechnology development policies. Research goals, strategies, priorities, commercialization, and China's organizational framework for agricultural biotechnology ...