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    Decay of 4He*^ from PdD and transmutation [1]
    Deep-orbit-electron radiation absorption and emission [1]
    Distributed Power Source Using Low Energy Nuclear Reactions [1]
    Electrocatalytic properties of Pd-based nano-structured material for application in fuel cells [1]
    Electrochemical-Physical Activation of Nickel-Cathode Surfaces [1]
    Empirical Evidence for Two Distinct Effects: Low-level d-d Fusion in Metals and Anomalous Excess Heat [1]
    Erzion Interpretation of Our Experimental Results with Light, Heat and Plasma Stimulation of Cold Nuclear Transmutation [1]
    Evidence for Deuteron Stripping in Metals That Absorb Hydrogen [1]
    Excess Heat Might Not Be Entirely From Nuclear Reactions [1]
    Excess of Power During Electrochemical Loading: Materials, Electrochemical Conditions and Techniques [1]
    Explaining Cold Fusion [1]
    Femto-Helium and PdD Transmutation [1]
    Further progress/developments, on surface/bulk treated Constantan wires, for anomalous heat generation by H2/D2 interaction [1]
    Heat generation from Hydrogen/Deuterium Pressurization of Nanoparticles: Composition and Temperature effect on Heat Output [1]
    High Energy D2 Bond from Feynman'sIntegral Wave Equation [1]
    High temperature and high pressure plasma electrolysis experiments [1]
    Hydrogen absorption and excess heat in a constantan wire with nanostructured surface [1]
    Hydrogen Storage in Engineered Nanomaterials: How Densely Can You Pack Hydrogen in Condensed Matter Systems? [1]
    ICCF 18 Poster Index [1]
    ICCF 18 Statistics July 26, 2013 [1]