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    Radiation Coupling: Nuclear protons to deep-orbit-electrons, then to the lattice [1]
    Recent Advances in Deuterium Permeation Induced Transmutation Experiments using Nano-Structured Pd/CaO/Pd Multilayer Thin Film [1]
    Recent Results from Gas Loaded Nanoparticle-Type Cluster Power Units [1]
    Registration information [1]
    Relativistic coupling between lattice vibrations and nuclear excitation [1]
    Revisiting the Early BARC Tritium Results (1989-1996) [1]
    Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR) Overview [1]
    Simulation of the Formation of Craters in LENR Cathode Materials [1]
    Simulation of the Nuclear Transmutation Effects in LENR [1]
    Speaker biographies [1]
    Sporadic Neutron Production by Pressure-Loaded D/Ti Systems under High Rates of Temperature Change [1]
    Subbarrier Processes in LENR for Particles in Correlated States at Action of Damping and Fluctuations [1]
    Succes in Making Tritium [1]
    Theoretical Analysis and Reaction Mechanismsfor Experimental Results of Hydrogen-Nickel Systems [1]
    Theoretical landscape in condensed matter nuclear science consistent with phonon theory [1]
    Theoretical Study on the Nuclear Reactions in Solids by Calculating Quantum States of the System Including Two Species of Charged Bosons in Ion Traps [1]
    Transmutation in Biological & Chemical Systems [1]
    The two phase diagrams for PdD [1]
    University of Missouri Chief Research Officers Panel [videorecording] [1]
    Verifications of LENR Observations in Nickel-Copper Alloy (Constantan) and Hydrogen Experiments [1]