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    Analysis of compressional mode excitation in an air capacitor configuration for a controlled Karabut experiment [1]
    Animal to Human Health Collaborations: The Path Forward [1]
    Anomalous Exothermic and Endothermic Data Observed by Nano-Ni-Composite Samples [1]
    Anomalous Heat Induced by Deuterium Flux in a Bunch of Long-Thin Palladium Tubes using PID Method for Calorimetry [2]
    Application of a piezo sensor matrix for in situ, real-time characterization of low energy nuclear events. [1]
    Applying the Scientific Method to Understand Anomalous Heat Effect [1]
    Bilateral Project Italy-USA “Hydrogen Transport through Nano-Structured Electrodes for Energy Application”: Progress Report and Perspectives [1]
    Born-Oppenheimer and fixed basis models for vibrations in a metal lattice and phonon fluctuations [1]
    Bottom Line Up Front: Neutron and Radiation Production Panel, ICCF-18 [1]
    Call for papers [1]
    Call for posters [1]
    Cavitation-Induced Fusion: Proof of Concept [1]
    Celani's Wire Excess Heat Effect Replication [1]
    Chief Research Officers Panel [videorecording] [1]
    Comments about Pam Boss upon receipt of the Preparata Award [1]
    Composite model for LENR in linear defects of a lattice [1]
    Composition measurements and Imagery of Nanoparticle gas loading experiments as an investigation of LENR reactions [1]
    Condensed Matter Fuel Cells to Power Electric Vehicles [1]
    Condensed Matter Nuclear Science: The Way Forward [1]
    Construction of a variable micro-nano-gap instrument for chemical reaction studies and mimicking of possible NAE like structures [1]