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    Look into My Eyes: Subalternity and Physicallity in Michael Ondaatje's Anil's Ghost [abstract]
    Mere Shadows of Human Forms: Intersections of Body Theory and Literary Adaptation in Jane Eyre [abstract]
    Mighty Maidenhood: Medieval Women and the Attempt to Break Free from the Curse of Eve [abstract]
    Music and the body: modern pedagogical techniques for teaching Afro-Cuban rhythms [abstract]
    The Outer Space : Representations of White Bodies in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart [abstract]
    The Performing Body: Physical Self-Concept in Athletes [abstract]
    The Posthuman Body in the Works of Andy Warhol, David Cronenberg and Matthew Barney [abstract]
    Producing the Body : Habeas Corpus and Closure in Burney's Court Diaries [abstract]
    Rendering the Body: Creative Expressions and Body Projects [abstract]
    The Rhetoric of Guilt and the Body [abstract]
    Scratching the Surface : Female Scarification in the Nuba of Sudan [abstract]
    Smashed Brains in German Literature [abstract]
    Spying on Lazarus in the Cave: Keats and the Still Body in The Fall of Hyperion [abstract]
    The Suburban Body in American Modern Poetry [abstract]
    Teaching the Body in Hitchcock
    We are not our faces [abstract]
    A Wealth of Absence: Visualising the Body in Winckelmann, Lessing and Blake [abstract]
    What we can freeze from the body and why : a historical, physical, and mathematical introduction [abstract]
    What You Looking At Me For? : The Black Comedian as Fetish Object [abstract]
    Why Does The Birds Attack?: Teaching the Body in Hitchcock [abstract]