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    E-community Support for Weight Loss [abstract]
    Evaluation of a novel bone-tendon allograft technique for rotator cuff repair [abstract]
    Écriture Féminine: Thinking the Female Body through Writing [abstract]
    From Landscape to Body: The White Body in Contemporary American Fiction [abstract]
    The health care experiences of adult survivors of child sexual abuse: A systematic review of evidence on sensitive practice [abstract]
    Here and Now/Hear and (k)Now [abstract]
    Identifying and Transforming Normalcy: Challenges to Compulsory Able-bodied Oppression in the Deaf Community [abstract]
    The Identity and Objectification of Personal Trainers [abstract]
    Intersections of Body Theory and Literary Adaptation in Jane Eyre
    Intervention/interruption [abstract]
    Jane Austen's Dirty Jokes [abstract]
    Large Nudes [abstract]
    The Logic of Recovery [abstract]
    Look into My Eyes: Subalternity and Physicallity in Michael Ondaatje's Anil's Ghost [abstract]
    Mere Shadows of Human Forms: Intersections of Body Theory and Literary Adaptation in Jane Eyre [abstract]
    Mighty Maidenhood: Medieval Women and the Attempt to Break Free from the Curse of Eve [abstract]
    Music and the body: modern pedagogical techniques for teaching Afro-Cuban rhythms [abstract]
    The Outer Space: Representations of White Bodies in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart [abstract]
    The Performing Body: Physical Self-Concept in Athletes [abstract]
    The Posthuman Body in the Works of Andy Warhol, David Cronenberg and Matthew Barney [abstract]