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    Accumulation of glial fibrillary acidic protein and histone H4 in brain storage bodies of Tibetan terriers with hereditary neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis [1]
    Anti-chaperone [eszett]A3/A1102-117 peptide interacting sites in human aB-crystallin [1]
    Cell wall proteome in the maize primary root elongation zone. II. Region-specific changes in water soluble and lightly ionically bound proteins under water deficit [1]
    Composition, vigor, and proteome of mature soybean seeds developed under high temperature [1]
    Development and assessment of scoring functions for protein identification using PMF data [1]
    Effect of a single AGE modification on the structure and chaperone activity of human alphaB-Crystallin [1]
    Establishment of a protein reference map for soybean root hair cells [1]
    Guest and ligand behavior in zinc-seamed pyrogallol[4]arene molecular capsules [1]
    Kinetics and mechanism of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B inactivation by acrolein [1]
    Maximal efficiency of coupling between ATP hydrolysis and translocation of polypeptides mediated by secB requires two protomers of secA [1]
    Peroxiredoxin 2 and peroxidase enzymatic activity of mammalian spermatozoa [1]
    Prostaglandins A1 and E1 influence gene expression in an established insect cell line (BCIRL-HzAM1 cells) [1]
    Proteomic identification of PKC-mediated expression of 20E-induced protein in Drosophila melanogaster [1]
    Proteomics of canine lymphoma identifies potential cancer-specific protein markers [1]
    Significance of interactions of low molecular weight crystallin fragments in lens aging and cataract formation [1]
    System analysis of an Arabidopsis mutant altered in de novo fatty acid synthesis reveals diverse changes in seed composition and metabolism [1]
    Ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase-activity is involved in sperm acrosomal function and anti-polyspermy defense during porcine fertilization [1]