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    An analysis of political reporters and their work in tumultuous political times [1]
    Analysis of Response to the "Death Panels? Claim in the Debate on Health Care Reform That Led to the Passage of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act [1]
    Application of algorithms in newsrooms [1]
    Applying science writing crediting practices to social media [1]
    Asian women in newsroom management : exploring the responsibilities and challenges of promoting diversity in the newsroom [1]
    "Ask the experts": the role of the advisory board at Women's Health and its impact on the magazine's health coverage [1]
    "At the intersection of isolation and otherness": Experiences and identity of American Muslim converts and the effects of media framing after 9/11 [1]
    At your service: how an award-winning Denver magazine caters to its readers with its eye-popping service journalism [1]
    Automated techniques in small newsrooms [1]
    Avoiding misleading maps : encoding and decoding 2018 midterm election results in graphics [1]
    Backward in high heels: A critical discourse analysis of major news magazines covering Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign [1]
    The balancing act of sex crimes reporting: A survey of journalists' responses to new standards for sexual assault coverage [1]
    Barriers to media coverage of Myanmar since the military coup began [1]
    Behind the coverage : how do the international media cover the U.S.-China trade war [1]
    Behind the coverage : how the international media cover the U.S.-China trade war? [1]
    Being there : a study of American foreign correspondents in Brussels and an intership with Thomson Reuters [1]
    The best of Ricardo Lopez: The ethics and expression of recorded memories in documentary filmmaking [1]
    Between two worlds: Native American representation in print media [1]
    Beyond this place: documenting the visual history of African American fraternities and sororities [1]
    BIPOC journalists after George Floyd and news media's racial reckoning: meeting the news industry's expectations and needs [1]