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    Analysis of Response to the "Death Panels? Claim in the Debate on Health Care Reform That Led to the Passage of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act
    “At the intersection of isolation and otherness”: Experiences and identity of American Muslim converts and the effects of media framing after 9/11
    At your service: how an award-winning Denver magazine caters to its readers with its eye-popping service journalism
    Backward in high heels: A critical discourse analysis of major news magazines covering Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign
    The balancing act of sex crimes reporting: A survey of journalists' responses to new standards for sexual assault coverage
    Between two worlds: Native American representation in print media
    Beyond this place: documenting the visual history of African American fraternities and sororities
    Blue skies and red seas : how the Faroese see their nation portrayed in international media
    Bringing the election home
    Buying a wheel : how online magazines use Atavist to create multimedia without the fuss
    Campanilismo and its influences on Italian advertising
    Can journalists help prevent injustices?
    Case studies of investigative non-profit and public radio collaborations
    Changing times in rural Alaska
    Christianity & journalism: perspectives from photojournalists of color
    The clash of two images: China's media offensive in the United States
    Collective cookbook : best practices in visual archiving between news organizations and individual collections
    Coming of age: how different cultures mark a young woman’s rite of passage into adulthood
    Competitor and ally: the Texas Tribune's impact on a depleted Austin press corps
    Connecting clicks to context: National Geographic's contextual approach to covering environment issues in a digital era