• Changing times in rural Alaska 

    Schuessler, Ryan (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    In rural Alaska, bush pilots play a vital role "transporting people, cargo, and goods from cities to far-flung villages. In the past, they've also taken newspapers. But that all changed when the Internet came to town, in ...
  • The clash of two images: China's media offensive in the United States 

    Bu, Fan (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2013)
    At a time when most Western newspaper and broadcasting companies are scaling back, China's state-run media organizations are fast growing and reaching into every corner of the world, especially in North America and Africa. ...
  • Foreign correspondence in the age of Trump 

    Dunaway, Jaime (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
  • How does the Chinese government use social media to react to social crisis: a content analysis 

    Wang, Xiaoyi (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2014)
    In order to examine the Chinese government's strategies and stances reflected on its social media account during a social crisis, this research uses a content analysis of 391 Weibo posts from four official government ...
  • Promotional strategies of media startup companies 

    Li, Shifeng (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    Media startup companies are small. There are many platforms they can utilize to gather more readership. Social media accounts are a kind of owned media with lower costs. There are also paid platforms companies can use to ...
  • Status Hierarchy: Magazine Digital Editors and Print Editors 

    Jiang, Xia (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2013)
    This project is to find out whether magazine print editors are regarded as a more prestigious and valued position than their online counterparts and what web and print editors think of their status at their publication. ...
  • A Textual Analysis: The Portrayal of Women in Spanish-Language Magazines 

    Ragsdale, Katie (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2014)
    Using a grounded theory approach, the following study seeks to understand how women were portrayed in Spanish-language magazines in the year 2013. The evidence presented supports the idea that advertisers use the following ...