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    Behind the coverage : how do the international media cover the U.S.-China trade war [1]
    Behind the coverage : how the international media cover the U.S.-China trade war? [1]
    Building datasets from scratch : data journalists offer best practices based on their experiences [1]
    Checking the facts : behind the scenes with the unsung heroes of journalism [1]
    Covering the court : a study of U.S. Supreme Court journalists [1]
    Data as medium : quality control in data journalism practice [1]
    Data journalism at the Investigative Reporting Workshop and an examination of the Sunshine Law performance by state record custodians [1]
    Digital decisions in the newsroom : the conceptualizations of digital producers and how that affects engagement and brand of the media's digital platforms [1]
    Documenting Trenton : editing and design of the 65th Missouri Photo Workshop photo book [1]
    Eat local, shop local ... give local: small nonprofits can capitalize on millennial cohort's core value of civic-mindedness by emphasizing local ties [1]
    The ethical implications surrounding infotainment as compared to traditional news [1]
    Exploring the perceptions of narrative as a creative strategy in advertising [1]
    Exploring the process of an obstacles to hiring foreign-born journalists in American newsrooms [1]
    Facing the pressure : HIPAA hampers health reporting [1]
    Framing within a framework : how producers of televised presidential debates understand the role they play in the democratic process [1]
    Gatekeeping practices for online visual news : a content analysis of YouTube news videos on the Voice of America Mandarin Service [1]
    Gender imbalances in sourcing for national security and foreign affairs reporting [1]
    Generational differences in the news media regarding an individual's right to privacy [1]
    A haunting in Oklahoma : a project examining the intersection of environment and community [1]
    How filmmakers' role conceptions and socialization influence the contested conceptualization of documentary film [1]