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    Audit of Principal Effectiveness: A Process for Self-Improvement
    Decolonizing Qualitative Instruments: Adapting Qualitative Instruments for Meaningful and Culturally Appropriate Data Collection in Schools with Indigenous Majority Populations
    Eliminating the Gap: Insights From A School of Poverty that Changed Achievement for All Students
    Focus on Leadership, Climate, Culture, and Instructional Practices: Practical Strategies for School Improvement.
    Highly Effective Middle Level Schools and How They Got There
    Instructional Practices Inventory Documents
    Instructional Practices Inventory: A Process for Profiling Student Engaged Learning for School Improvement
    Instructional Practices Inventory: Using a Student Learning Assessment to Foster Organizational Learning
    Middle School Programmatic Characteristics and Student Achievement: A Report of a Comprehensive, State-wide Study
    Middle School Programs Do Make A Difference: An Analysis of Significant Relationships Between Program Implementation and Student Achievement
    NASSP's National Study of Leadership in Middle Level Schools: Understanding Leaders and Programs in Highly Successful Middle Level Schools
    NASSP's National Study of Middle Level Schools: Leadership for Highly Successful Middle Level Schools
    National Study of Highly Successful Middle Level Schools and their Principals: A Preliminary Report
    Performance/Outcome Based Principal Evaluation: A Summary of Procedural Considerations
    Principal's Impact on a Middle School Success
    Principals Make a Difference: An Analysis of Principal Leadership in High and Low Achieving Middle Level Schools
    Profiling Instructional Practices: Data for Improving Instruction, Achievement and School Culture
    Profiling Student Engaged Learning: Using Data for Changing Instruction and Achievement.
    Project ASSIST: A Comprehensive, Systemic Change Initiative for Middle Level Schools
    Project ASSIST: A Comprehensive, Systemic Change Initiative for Middle Level Schools.