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  • Stealing Fire 

    Leyrson, Timothy (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2015)
    The poems that make up this collection tend to play with what is one of the oldest concepts to exist, transition. This collection attempts to demonstrate the experiences that generate the pressures required; such as light ...
  • Assembling the Fragments: A Collection of Essays 

    Bales, Leanna M. (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2015)
    Grief and grieving hovers around this essay collection, both the author's grief over losing her mother and also what that loss meant to the other people in her life. An essay about the tragic death of the author's uncle- ...
  • There is No Absolution for Us Here: An Anthology of Essays 

    Smith, Elaina G. (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2015)
    An anthology of creative nonfiction essays, this collection studies the inner workings of the author at her most vulnerable: whether as a child unaware of her parents’ crumbling marriage or as an adolescent struggling ...
  • Refinement and Applications of Light Controlled Biological Processes 

    Kala, Ashish (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2015)
    For understanding of biological processes, a spatiotemporal control over these processes is needed. Controlling these processes using light can give us the advantage of a precise control over spacing, timing and degree of ...
  • Full Employment and Development: The Case of Indian Economy 

    Das, Shakuntala (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2014)
    The purpose of this study is to establish the feasibility and desirability of full employment and price stability in India via an Employer of Last resort program. After providing a brief historical background of the ...
  • Relationship Between Hospital Procedure Volume and Complications Following Congential Cardiac Catheteriazation: A Report from the IMPACT Registry 

    Jayaram, Natalie M. (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2014)
    The association between institutional volume and outcomes has been demonstrated for many procedures within the field of cardiology, but whether this relationship exists within the field of congenital cardiac catheterization ...
  • Unnamed Lands 

    Sawin, Nichola A. (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2013)
    This collection of short fiction and plays represents an exploration of twenty-first century gay culture, viewed from the vantage point of successive lifestages: childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, maturity, and old ...
  • A Multimodal Biometric Authentication for Smartphones 

    Saripalle, Sashi K. (Sashi Kanth) (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2015)
    Biometrics is seen as a viable solution to ageing password based authentication on smartphones. Fingerprint biometric is leading the biometric technology for smartphones, however, owing to its high cost, major players in ...
  • Use of Federal Troops in Civil Disturbances 1892-1968 

    Patton, Steven D. (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 1983)
    This study examines and evaluates the use of regular army forces in quelling civil disturbances within the United States. The term civil disturbance is defined as excluding Indian wars, western frontier violence and all ...
  • Expression Pattern of Drug-Resistance Genes in Candida Albicans at Different Fluconazole Concentrations 

    Khanna, Aditi (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2015)
    Candida albicans is an opportunistic fungus that is part of the normal flora of our gastrointestinal and urinary tracts, but can cause infections in immune compromised individuals. Fluconazole (FLC), which is a fungistatic ...
  • Asymmetric Positron Annihilation in Chiral Tartrate and Tartaric Acid Crystals 

    Corsiglia, Gerald A. (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2015)
    Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) has been used to study the interactions of positrons with chiral tartaric acids and tartrates. Differences in lifetimes of and its intensity I2 were compared between large ...
  • Modeling and Design of a Silicon-Based High-Pressure 3HE Replacement Neutron Detector 

    Rogers, Brent J. (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2015)
    3He has stood as a major isotope used for neutron detection for many years. Due to national concerns of a possible 3He shortage, significant effort has been put forth, in the form of 3He alternative research, to push the ...
  • Neutron Response Vectorization and Optimization of Moderating Neutron Spectrometers for Active Interrogation 

    Myers, Eliot R. (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2015)
    The detection of special nuclear material (SNM) is no trivial task; the low activity of isotopes such as 235U and the ease of shielding make their passive detection virtually impossible in the maritime environment. Active ...
  • The Applied Science of Clinical Teaching in Dentistry 

    Mackenzie, Richard S. (RSM Press (Gainsville, Florida), 1988)
    Digitized version of the book The Applied Science of Clinical Teaching in Dentistry by Richard S. Mackenzie (Gainesville, Fla: RSM Press; 1988).
  • Pieter Bruegel The Elder’s The Months: A Perspective 

    Erker, Nicholas R. (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2014)
    In the year 1565, Antwerp merchant Nicolaes Jongelinck commissioned Pieter Bruegel the Elder to paint a series of paintings, The Months, for his suburban villa. Unfortunately, Jongelinck lost possession of the series of ...
  • Using WISE to Find Obscured AGN Activity in SDSS Mergers and Interactions 

    Weston, Madalyn E. (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2015)
    In simulations, major encounters between gas-rich galaxies are predicted to drive gas to the centers of interacting and merging systems triggering new star formation (SF) and fueling an active galactic nucleus (AGN). ...
  • Topical Clear Aqueous Nanomicellar Formulation for Anterior and Posterior Ocular Drug Delivery 

    Cholkar, Kishore (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2015)
    The objective of this study was to develop a clear, aqueous drug loaded nanomicellar formulation (NMF) for the back-of-the-eye delivery. Hydrophobic drugs such as cyclosporine, resolvin analog (RX-10045), dexamethasone, ...
  • Alignment of Do-Not-Resuscitate Status with Patients’ Likelihood of Favorable Neurological Survival After In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest 

    Fendler, Timothy J. (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2015)
    After patients survive an in-hospital cardiac arrest, discussions should occur about preferences for future resuscitative efforts. Given the value patients generally place on possessing normal neurological function, these ...
  • 2016 MoKanSan Conference Agenda 

    Hartwell, Julie (2016-08-17)
    Agenda for 2016 MoKanSan State Authorization Summit held on August 17, 2016, at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center.
  • Assessing Open Access 

    Hartwell, Julie (2016-08-18)
    Presentation given at the Focus on Assessment Conference, August 18, 2016.

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