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    Use of Federal Troops in Civil Disturbances 1892-1968
    Use of National Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data Warehouse to Identify Inappropriate HbA1c Orders for Sickle cell Disease Patients
    The use of Self as a tool for culturally responsive change agency in social work practice: a qualitative phenomenological case study
    The use of superabsorbent polymer in standard and pervious concrete
    Use of The Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventive Services © (RAAPS) Tool for Improving Detection and Follow-up Rates in Adolescents
    The Use of the Trombone in Orchestral Literature
    The Use of Wind Instruments with Choral Music for the Church
    User Centered Design
    Using 360-Degree Cameras for Self-Assessment in Skills-Based Courses
    Using current sensing atomic force microscopy to study heterogeneous materials
    Using Education to Improve Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Uptake among Adolescents
    Using Infographics to Report Research Results
    Using Nurse Practitioner Coordinated Group Visits
    Using Nurse Practitioner Coordinated Group Visits to Improve Diabetes Outcomes in a Primary Care Practice
    Using RTT Variability for Adaptive Cross-Layer Approach to Multimedia Delivery in Heterogeneous Networks
    Using Telemedicine to Improve Breastfeeding Outcomes in the Primary Care Setting
    Using thesauri to understand faculty research
    Using Visual Thinking Strategies to Improve Mathematics Instruction
    Using WISE to Find Obscured AGN Activity in SDSS Mergers and Interactions
    The Utilis et Compendiaria Introductio of Hans Judenkunig: An Examination