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    François Boucher and His Chinoiserie [1]
    Franz Schubert : Influences on His Musical Style and His Piano Style as Seen in Piano Sonata in A Minor, op. 143 [1]
    Franz Tunder: His Place in the North German School of Organ Composition [1]
    French Cultural Influence in Swedish Theatre and the Path of Theatre in Sweden Until Modern Times [1]
    French Horn Literature in Print [1]
    French Noel Variations of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries [1]
    French Twentieth Century French Horn Solo Literature [1]
    Frequency and Field Strength Materials Characterization with Complementary Split-ring Resonators, Coplanar Waveguides, and the Virtual Ground Method [1]
    Frequency and time domain analysis of carbon nanotubes with realistic shape and distribution [1]
    Fresh Meat Rituals: Confronting the Flesh in Performance Art [1]
    Friction [1]
    From Boys to Men: Militarism, "Playing Indian," and Manhood at Scout Camp [1]
    From child abuse to prostitution: predictors and intermediaries of exchanging sex for money [1]
    From Dachau to the dugout: Black America's diamond-lined response to racism [1]
    From Everyman to Hero: The Inculturation and Propaganda of the Adventures of Captain Marvel and Spy Smasher Serials [1]
    From Pop Culture to Nuclear Debate: The Impact of The Day After in Lawrence and Kansas City [1]
    From Revolution To Ruin: A Preliminary Look at Rwanda’s First Two Presidents, Grégoire Kayibanda and Juvénal Habyarimana, and Their Administrations [1]
    From Service-Learning to Post Graduation Service: Insights from University Graduates [1]
    From the Classroom to the Boardroom: A Phenomenological Study of Seven Superintendents [1]
    From the King’s Will to the Law of the Land: English Forest Litigation in the Curia Regis Rolls, 1199-1243 [1]