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    The High School Boys' Choir Organizational Problems and Graded TTBB Materials
    High School Social Studies Teachers Beliefs and Education for Democratic Citizenship
    High Speed and Low Power Pipelined ADC Design for MRI Application
    An Historical Comparison of Piano and Organ Technique
    The Historical Perspective on the Question, "Does Music Have the Power to Affect Emotional Behaviour, Character, and Morals?"
    The historical transformation of indigenous and colonial institutions of Central Mexico: monetary and production systems
    Historical Trauma, Coping, and Positive Mental Health Among American Indians
    History and Analysis of Hate & Bias Crimes within the Latinx Community and the criminal justice system’s efforts to uphold their laws and policies
    The History and Development of Music and Worship of the Stone Church 1873-1976
    A History of Conducting
    A History of Pre-1950 Jazz Trumpet Players
    A History of the Lillenas Publishing Company and its Relationship to the Music of the Church of the Nazarene
    The History of the Marimba and Its Use
    The History of the Trumpet in the Orchestra
    The History of Western Music in Korea
    A History of Yemeni Mobility
    HIV stigma reduction and testing in the Hispanic/Latino church setting
    HIV-1 gp120 and Methamphetamine-mediated Induction of Proinflammatory Cytokines/chemokines and Oxidative Stress in Astrocytes: Implications in Neuroinflammation
    HIV-1 gp120-mediated increases in IL-8 production in astrocytes are mediated through the NF-kappaB pathway and can be silenced by gp120-specific siRNA
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