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    Nidra for chamber orchestra
    A Night at the Opera: Performance, Theatricality, and Identity in the Music of Queen
    Night eating syndrome: survey of assessment and treatment practices
    The Nightingale and the Rose: Chamber Opera in Two Acts
    NMT theory & technique
    No Place Like Home
    No Time For Victims: The true story of the United States press during the Holocaust
    No Way Out: Violence in Selected American Expressionist Plays
    Non-Monogamous Individuals compared to Monogamous Individuals: The Differences in Their Relationships, Specifically Sexual Risk Behaviors and Level of Trust
    Notes;69, no. 3
    Novel Approaches for Targeted Delivery of Cancer Therapeutics to Nuclei of Malignant Cells
    A Novel cell phone based application for tracking the vaccination coverage in rural communities
    Novel Dichloroacetate Prodrugs for Improved Targeting of Breast Cancer Chemotherapeutics
    Novel drug interaction for improving intracellular accumulation and efficacy of chemotherapeutics in retinoblastoma and mitochondrial localization of transporters in corneal epithelial cells
    Novel Folic Acid Targeted Nanomicelles For Delivery Of Hydrophobic Drugs To The Back Of The Eye
    Novel in vitro cell culture models for studying pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions following oral administration
    Novel Non Precharging Single Bitline 8T Static Random Access Memory
    Novel Polycyclic Benzannulated Indole Scaffolds via Indole Aryne Cycloaddition, Pd (0)-Catalyzed Cross-coupling and ROM/RCM methodologies: Their Applications to Library Development and Drug Discovery
    Novel Prodrugs and Self-Assembling Nanocarriers to Improve Drug Delivery
    Novel targeted lipid prodrugs to improve cellular absorption of acyclovir and topical delivery to the eye via nanomicellar approach