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    Cataloging Stampers: A Matter of Process
    Cataloguing Cheat Sheets http://
    Cavallini, Busoni, and the Clarinet
    A Cello Student's Introduction to Cellist-Composers: Eleven Composers of Cello Methods
    The Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Prostaglandin E₂ in Myogenesis
    Censorship and Theater in 20th Century Russia
    Chamber Symphony
    The changing face of Joan of Arc: the appropriation of Joan of Arc in twentieth-century American theatre
    The changing paradigm of state sovereignty In the international system
    The Changing Shape of Artemisia Scholarship
    Channels of Communication with Hospital Patients for the Music Minister During Visitation
    Chansons Madécasses
    Chapel Hill, Missouri: Lost Visions of America's Vanguard on the Western Frontier 1820 to 1865
    Character Roles in Opera
    Characteristics of the French Violin School Found in the Music of Beethoven
    Characterization of "t-z" model design parameters for augered cast-in-place piles using field load test data
    Characterization of D-boroala as a novel Broad-spectrum antibacterial agent targeting D-Ala-D-Ala ligase & designer linkers : model reactions and linear free energy relationships in the reactivity and design of solid-phase linkers
    Characterization of the Organic Matrix of Mature Human Tooth Enamel: Structure, Macromolecular Composition and Effect of Radiotherapy
    Characterizing Impacts of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Urban Runoff Potential Using the HEC-GeoHMS Model
    Characters in Theatre for Orchestra