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    Choral Score Preparation Techniques of Eight Midwestern High School Choral Directors
    Choral Settings of Three Christmas Carols
    Choral Sound Related to the Physical Arrangement of Choirs
    Chronic Fibrotic Changes in Experimental Pulmonary Embolization in the Rat Model
    A Chronological Catalogue of Pipe Organs in Kansas City, Missouri Prior to 1930
    Class I Occlusal Preparation
    Class Voice Teachers: Are Specialized Background and Preparation Necessary?
    Classical liberalism of Rerum Novarum : the Vatican's tactic to survive the modern era
    Classification of Clinical Tweets Using Apache Mahout
    Classification of Human Postural and Gestural Movements Using Center of Pressure Parameters Derived From Force Platforms
    Cleared to land in the desert: commercial air travel's role in the growth and development of Las Vegas as a world-class travel destination
    Clearing the hurdles for nanotechnology: In vivo inhalation effects
    A Clinic Coordinator Improves Clinic Efficiency and Decreases Missed Appointments in a Multidisciplinary Setting
    Closing Pandora's Box: Putting an End to Credit Card Companies' Windfall Profits from Penalty Fees
    Cloud of unknowing and present-day Christian mystical practice
    Collateral damage: anti-communism & U.S. cultural policy
    Color Effect on Affect: The Effect of Survey Color on Self-Reported Mood
    Combined meta-analysis of systemic effects of allogeneic stem cell transplantation and systemic sclerosis
    Command and Cooperation: Lessons Learned In Vietnam and Their Applications In Desert Storm
    The commodification of art : Ndebele women in the stream of change