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    Concerto VI in B♭ for Clarinet and Orchestra by Jean Xavier Lefèvre
    Concertos, piano, orchestra, K. 503, C major. Allegretto
    Conformational and Structural Determinations of Substituted Four and Five Membered Rings by Infrared, Raman, and Microwave Spectral Studies
    Conformational and Structural Investigation of Substituted Hydrocarbons and Ring Compounds by Vibrational and Microwave Spectroscopy
    Conformational stability of some silanes and amines from temperature dependent Infrared spectra of rare as solutions, r₀ structural parameters, ab initio calculations, and vibrational assignments
    The Congestive Heart Failure Nurse Development Project
    Connecting the dots: a history of Stephen Sondheim's Sunday in the Park with George
    "The Consciousness of Visions" : the Use and Influence of Oskar Kokoschka's Philosophical Perspective on his Early Art
    Consider This! Providing Access to Archival Sound Collections: A Transcription Disc Example
    Conspiracies, Conspiracy Theories and Their Portrayal In various Artistic Outlets
    Constructing massive blue elliptical galaxies in the local universe
    The construction of the Lesbian and Gay Affirming Social Justice Competency Scale
    Consumer holiday structure: an analysis of Christian holiday patterns and consumer ritual practice in America
    Containment in the City: Boundaries, Bodies, and the Politics of Urban Space
    The Contemporary American Song Cycle 1945-1968
    Contemporary Landscape Photography: Dissolving Boundaries in Jungjin Lee’s Wind Series
    Content Analysis of Consent Forms for Clinical Whole Exome Sequencing
    Context-Aware Adaptive Model for Smart Energy
    Contextual differences in offense classifications: examining gender, race, and age differences
    Continuing Bonds, Meaning Making, and Collectivism: Predictors of Complicated Grief