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    Controlled Low-Strength Material (CLSM) produced from limestone fines and other byproducts
    Cooperating Music Teachers’ Opinions Regarding the Importance of Selected Traits as Predictors of Successful Student Teaching Experiences
    Cooperative relaying in cellular networks for improving receiver diversity and cell radius
    Cooperative relaying using USRP and GNU radio
    Copland Old American Songs
    Copyright & Fair Use Issues for Teaching
    Core Competencies for Support Staff: Librarians as Departmental Leaders (Program G-5)
    Correlates of gender and achievement in introductory algebra based physics
    Correlation between thyroid hormone status and hepatic hyperplasia and hypertrophy caused by the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha agonist Wy-14,643
    A correlational study of building principal emotional intelligence and the connection to academic achievement
    Cosi Fan Tutte
    Cost analysis of the Miles of Smiles Program, a school-based preventive oral health program
    The Coterie Theatre’s Transition from Children’s Theatre to Multigenerational Theatre: 1991-2014
    Counselor Trainee Personal Growth Factors and Self- Efficacy: ‘Walking the Walk’ Using Social Cognitive Theory and Bowen Theory
    County Business Patterns
    Coupon Redemption System
    Coyote, Iktome and The Rock
    CPP-ZFN: A potential DNA-targeting anti-malarial drug
    Crafting the past: the appropriation of found photography in the African-American revisionist art of Betye Saar
    Creating an imperial city: Kansas City in the 1920s