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    Developing a Comprehensive Curricular Model with Multi-Level Outcomes for Academic Instruction in the High School Choral Ensemble [1]
    Developing an understanding of cultural aspects and beliefs of Latino/a families experiencing the American educational system [1]
    Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Undergraduate Nursing Students using Strategic Management Simulations [1]
    Developing Marking Policies [1]
    Development and characterization of advanced nitric oxide-delivering polymeric systems against cardiovascular complications [1]
    Development and evaluation of novel in situ depot-forming controlled release formulations [1]
    Development and initial validation of the Ethnic Minority Social Self-Efficacy Scale—Asian American version [1]
    The development and psychometric testing of the shared decision-making instrument [1]
    Development and validation of a computational multibody model of the elbow joint [1]
    Development of a Telemetry Unit for Wireless Monitoring of Bone Strain [1]
    Development of Choral Activities for the 1972-1973 School Year in the Manhattan, Kansas Public High School [1]
    Development of drug conjugates in cancer therapy and evaluation of dual siRNA silencing effect on breast cancer growth and invasion [1]
    The Development of Kettledrums and Kettledrumming to the Time of Franz Joseph Haydn [1]
    Development of methodology for perfonning coupled assays of ATP utilization under halophilic {high salt) conditions [1]
    Development of Multibody Soft Tissue Models and Their Tuning to Experimental Data: With a Focus in the Canine Meniscus [1]
    The Development of Musical Literature for the Violin in the Baroque Period [1]
    The Development of Musicianship in Junior High Incorporating the Kodaly Philosophy [1]
    The Development of Public Piano Performance in the United States From 1730-1860 [1]
    The Development of the Chinese Accordion and Implementation into Normal Universities [1]
    Development of the Elementary School Choir [1]