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    A Comparison of the Impressionistic and Experimental Styles of Charles T. Griffes
    A Comparison of the Rode Etudes with Specific Pieces and Concertos of the Classical Period for Violin
    A Comparison of the Styles of Mozart and Haydn Using Four Selected Sonatas
    A Comparison Study of Grace-Based Groundwater Modeling for Data-Rich and Data-Scarce Regions
    Compassion –Fatigue and Satisfaction: The Stress Buffering Effects of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion for Mental Health Professionals
    A Compilation of Specific Technical and Musical Examples Within the Violin Etudes of Peirre Rode, Jacon Dont, and Pierre Gaviniés
    A Compilation of Twentieth Century Song Literature in English for Mezzo-Soprano
    Complete Survey of Trumpet Literature
    The complex refractive index of water
    Composer Control and Performer Freedom in Selected Solo Piano Music Composed Since World War II
    Composition No. 1, quintet for two violins, viola, cello, and sampler
    The Compositional Style of Egil Hovland as Determined Through an Analysis of Seven Representative Choral Works
    Computational analysis and predictive modeling of polymorph descriptors
    Computational Modeling of a-SiO₂ Nanoparticles and their Electronic Structure Calculation
    Concerning the Recorder
    Concerning the Viola de Gamba
    Concert Presentation and Research
    Concerto for Horn and Wind Ensemble: I. Freely [sound recording]
    Concerto for Horn and Wind Ensemble: II. Plaintively [sound recording]
    Concerto for Horn and Wind Ensemble: III. With great energy [sound recording]