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    The Effects of Italian Stylistic Traits on Three Early German Protestant Composers
    The Effects of Math Recovery on the Low-Performing Mathematics Student
    Effects of medication on children with ADHD : does medicine for ADHD negatively impact children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?
    The effects of positive behavior intervention supports and Tier II interventions on academic achievement among elementary students
    Effects of pressure and temperature on the yield strength of tantalum and rhenium
    The effects of projected films on singers' expressivity in choral performance
    Effects of Selected Contaminants on the Physical, Chemical, and Geotechnical Properties of Aquifer Solid
    The Effects of the Classroom Schedule and Teacher Beliefs on Head Start Teacher-Child Interactions
    Effects of topical fluoride prophylactic agents on the mechanical properties of orthodontic nickel-titanium closed coil springs
    Effects of Topical Fluoride Prophylactic Agents on the Mechanical Properties of Orthodontic Nickel-Titanium Closed Coil Springs and Stainless Steel Closed Coil Springs
    The Effects of Trauma on Emotion Regulation and Skin Conductance Level
    The effects of utilizing silica fume in Portland cement pervious concrete
    Egypt, the Fictive Theater of Napoleon's Glory: A Celebration of the Egyptian Campaign in Paintings, Architecture, and Decorative Arts
    The Eight Woodwind Etudes and Fantasy; A Compositional Study
    Eighteenth and nineteenth century Coverture and how it affected laws, love, and life
    Ein Deutsches Requiem: An Examination of an Arch and Foundation Theme
    Either with or against: the search for a place in society
    Elbow Joint Contact Mechanics: Multibody and Finite Element Methods
    Electrical Carrier Mobility Measurements of Amorphous Hydrogenated Boron Carbide Using Space-Charge-Limited Current Techniques
    An Electro-magnetic cell stimulator [abstract]