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    Polypharmacy in patients with Multiple Sclerosis: effects on fatigue, perceived cognition, and objective cognitive performance [1]
    The Popularization of St. Thomas Aquinas through the Legenda Aurea [1]
    The post-conflict odyssey of German communist veterans of the Spanish Civil War, 1939-1989 [1]
    A Post-Keynesian/Structuralist Strategy for Economic Development [1]
    Potawatomi Indian Music: A Study of the Current Trend of Transmitting American Indian Music Among the Indian People in a Local Urban Organization [1]
    Potential Mechanisms for Inhibition of Breast Cancer by Novel Azaresveratrol Analogs: Implications of Estrogen Receptor, Estrogen Metabolism and Cell Death Pathways [1]
    The power of teacher-student relationships in determining student success [1]
    Praising Girls: The Epideictic Rhetoric of Young Women, 1895-1930 [1]
    Prehospital intravenous access and fluid resuscitation in severe sepsis: an observational cohort study [1]
    Prelude in E-flat Major, Op. 23, No. 6 [sound recording] [1]
    Preludes, piano, op. 23. No. 6 [1]
    Preparation, Characterization and Performance Study of Modified Titanium Dioxide Nanocrystals for the Lithium-Ion Battery [1]
    Preparing the High School Piano Student for College Applied Music Study [1]
    Presidential illness and disability: the health and performance of presidents from 1789-1901 [1]
    Pressure-induced phase transitions in select molybdates and tungstates [1]
    Pride, Plunder, or Patronage? Explaining Political Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo [1]
    Processing speed and working memory training in multiple sclerosis: a blinded randomized controlled trial [1]
    Prodrug Approach to Improve Oral and Brain Absorption of HIV Protease Inhibitor, Lopinavir [1]
    The Production of Space, Place, and Food: The Ecology of Money and the Emergence of Transformative Circuits of Money Capital [1]
    Progenitor or Mere Predecessor: A Study of Ukiyo-e's Place in the Development of Modern Manga Through the Works of Rumiko Takahashi [1]