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    Elementary principals as developers vs. deliverers of district instructional decisions
    Elementary Teacher Perceptions of Math Professional Development on Mathematics Instruction
    Elementary teachers' perceptions of and experiences with culturally responsive pedagogy and diverse students' achievement
    An embedded multichannel telemetry unit for bone strain monitoring
    Embellishment Patterns Found in Selected Works of the Eighteenth Century
    Embroidering Biblical Heroines in Seventeenth-Century England
    Emerging from the Ground: The Meaning of Messiah in August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle
    Emotional responsivity in people high and low in trait positive affect
    An empirical analysis of alternative explanations for the female wage gap
    Employment generation programs and long term development- the case of India's National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
    Empowering Our Future Through Music Education
    Enabling Large-Scale Storage and Retrieval of Whole Slide Images: A Big Data Approach
    Enantioselective hydrolysis of 1-arylpropargylic esters by enzymatic kinetic resolution and dynamic kinetic resolution of 1-arylallylic esters
    Encapsulation of docetaxel in oily core polyester nanocapsule intended for breast cancer therapy
    Energy and Data Conversion Circuits for Low Power Sensory Systems
    Energy Consumption and Product Throughput of Glass-Doored and Open Refrigerated Display Cases in Supermarkets [abstract]
    An Energy Efficient Addressing Scheme For a Static Wireless Sensor Network
    Energy efficient multi-target tracking in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
    Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for Virtual Network Services with Dynamic Workload in Cloud Data Centers
    English Music in the Twentieth Century