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    Hepatocarcinogenic potential of the glucocorticoid antagonist RU486 in B6C3F1 mice: effect on apoptosis, expression of oncogenes and the tumor suppressor gene p53
    Hepatocellular proliferation in response to agonists of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha:a role for kupffer cells?
    Here comes Athena! : a representation of Kansas City in the Priests of Pallas Parade
    "Here's me in a nutshell": the textual performance of self in male online dating profiles
    A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of School Administrators’ Participation in Personal Learning Networks and Privacy Issues
    The herpes simplex virus virion host shutoff protein is targeted to mRNA cleavage sites through interactions with components of the host translational apparatus
    A Heterodox Analysis of International Exchange and Employment Policies
    Heterodox Microfoundations: A Methodological Appraisal
    A Heuristic Case Study of the Experiences of Teachers Who Address Bullying in Middle School
    Heuristic Descriptive Case Study of Math and Language Arts Teachers' Past and Current Experiences in the Implementation of the Missouri Learning Standards
    Hexameron : Morceau de Concert : Grandes Variations de Bravoure sur la Marche des Puritains de Bellini
    High Availability and Scalability Schemes for Software- Defined Networks (SDN)
    The High School Boys' Choir Organizational Problems and Graded TTBB Materials
    High School Social Studies Teachers Beliefs and Education for Democratic Citizenship
    High Speed and Low Power Pipelined ADC Design for MRI Application
    An Historical Comparison of Piano and Organ Technique
    The Historical Perspective on the Question, "Does Music Have the Power to Affect Emotional Behaviour, Character, and Morals?"
    The historical transformation of indigenous and colonial institutions of Central Mexico: monetary and production systems
    The History and Development of Music and Worship of the Stone Church 1873-1976
    A History of Conducting