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    An Introduction to Chinese Orchestra Instruments
    Introduction to Effective Use of Library Services
    The Invention of the Piano and Its Development in Germany Through the Eighteenth Century
    Investigating the Link Between Mechanics and Bone: A Local Approach to a Multi-Scale System
    Investigating trustworthiness and tolerance of others and shared power within youth-adult partnerships
    Investigation and Optimization of Silorane-Based Polymer System [abstract]
    Investigation into lowering cement clinker content using available materials
    An Investigation into the Effects of Alterations in Ribosomal Proteins S4 and S5 on Translational Accuracy, Ribosomal RNA Processing, and Ribosome Assembly
    Investigation of 89 candidate gene variants for effects on all-cause mortality following acute coronary syndrome
    Investigation of 95 variants identified in a genome-wide study for association with mortality after acute coronary syndrome
    An investigation of hydrogen gas in olivine
    Investigation of Jordanian pre-service teachers' beliefs about learning and teaching of mathematics
    Investigation of strength of a hybrid adhesive anchor system used in precast concrete welded repair applications subjected to tensile and eccentric shear loading
    An Investigation of the Effects of Teacher Prepared Programmed Tapes, Designed to Enhance Student Listening Abilities on Aural Concept Identification Tasks
    Investment into the future of microbial resources: culture collection funding models and BRC business plans for biological resource centres
    Invictus Minds: A Critical Heuristic Case Study of Giftedness in the African-American Male
    Invisible Life in the Academy: Understanding the Workplace Experiences of African American Women Staff in Higher Education
    Involvement of a specific ubiquitin ligase in the assembly of the dynein motor in the filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa
    Involvement of metabotropic glutamate receptor 5, AKT/PI3K Signaling and NF-kappaB pathway in methamphetamine-mediated increase in IL-6 and IL-8 expression in astrocytes
    Involving your librarian in instruction : or ... how I learned to stop worrying and love my librarian