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    Impacts of Precipitation, Land use Land cover and Soil type on the Water Balance of Lake Chad Basin
    Implementing a Robotic System for Collection Storage and Retrieval
    Implementing a Student-regulated Learning Tool in Reading: A Heuristic Case Study
    Implementing an innovative consent form: the PREDICT experience
    Implementing Product Line Architecture with Code Generation and Separation
    Implications for Multicultural Counseling Training: Motivation, Implicit Race Bias, Empathy and Attribution Bias
    Implications of β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB) Supplementation on Expression of Key Regulatory Genes during C2Cl2 Myoblast Differentiation
    The impossible proof : an analysis of Adrien-Marie Legendre's attempts to prove Euclid's fith Postulate
    Improved BRCA Risk Screening Among Women in Primary Care Following Provider Education
    Improved delivery of molecularly targeted agents upon modulation of multidrug resistance efflux proteins at mouse blood brain barrier
    Improved Sleep Quality and Quantity Through Sleep Hygiene Education In Adults
    Improved Teaching Through Audio-Visual Aids
    Improving Adherence to Antihypertensive Regimen Using the SIMPLE Method: A Pilot Study
    Improving Cuckoo Hashing with Perfect Hashing
    Improving Medication Adherence in Underrepresented Patients with Heart Disease: Piloting a Motivational Intervention
    Improving QoE of Video Streaming using Network Awareness
    Improving the Performance of Parallel SPARQL Query Processing on Apache Spark Using Bloom Filters
    Improving Transaction Acceptance of Incoherent Updates Using Dynamic Merging In a Relational Database
    Improving urban air and stormwater quality using photocatalytic highway pavement and photocatalytic pervious concrete shoulders
    Impulsivity and snacks