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    Multi-scale analysis of urban wetland changes using satellite remote sensing techniques
    A multi-scale modeling study of the impact of land surface heterogeneity on the convective boundary layer in the U.S. Midwest
    The multicultural awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes of prospective teachers: a quantitative and heuristic phenomenological study
    Multifunctional Banking and Financial Fragility: What Should Banks Do?
    A multiple queue replacement exploiting frequency for low level caches
    Multiscale Study of the Interactions between Climate, Land Use, and Agricultural Productivity in Western Sahel: A Case Study of Chad
    A musculoskeletal model of a subject specific knee joint with menisci, during the stance phase of a walk cycle
    Music and Movement in Shaker Worship
    Music Education by Television
    Music Education for the Culturally Deprived Teen-ager
    Music of the Silent Film Era
    Music Therapy: As Applied in Educating of Handicapped Children [sic]
    Music Treatises From the Baroque to the Present
    Music With Social Studies for Fourth Grade
    Musica Ficta: A Summary of Current Views Based on a Selected Bibliography of Books and Articles Published Since 1949
    A Musical Analysis of The Passion According to St. John by Johann Sebastian Bach
    Musical Contour Regulation Facilitation (MCRF) to Support Emotion Regulation Development in Preschoolers: A Mixed Methods Feasibility Study
    The Musical Ear
    Musical Examples of Double Pedal and Development of the Pedal Organ Prior to 1750
    Musical Symbolism in the Clavierübung III