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    MAC layer resource allocation algorithms for OFDM/TDMA wireless networks [1]
    Machiavelli reexamined [1]
    Machined Music [1]
    Madchenlied [1]
    Mahler and the Revelation of God: A Study of the Christ-Fixation, Messianic Tendencies, and the Analogous Historical Position of Musical "Messiah" with Regard to the Life and Works of Gustav Mahler During the Years of His Life up to and Including the Composition of Symphony No.4 in G Major [1]
    Maintaining Conformance Between Product Line Architecture and Source Code in Architecture-Centric Product Line Development [1]
    Maintaining the Segregated City?: Exploring the College Planning Experiences of Kansas City’s Urban Students of Color and the Implications on Their Access to Higher Education [1]
    La maja dolorosa [1]
    Making the Connection: J.B. Murray and the Scripts and Forms of Africa [1]
    Making the connection: J.B. Murray and the scripts and forms of Africa [1]
    Making the Frontier’s Anatomical Engineers: Osteopathy, A. T. Still (1828–1917), his Acolytes and Patients [1]
    Making Time for the Library: Adventures in Integrating Information Literacy in the Curriculum [1]
    The Male Falsetto Register [1]
    Male Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence: Syndemic Theory, Minority Stress Theory, & the Community of Protective Measures [1]
    Mamet On Mamet: Politics and Poetics in Oleanna, Race, The Anarchist, and China Doll [1]
    Management, and Health Status Outcomes Of Obese Patients With Symptomatic Peripheral Artery Disease: Insight From The Portrait Registry [1]
    Managing malicious transactions in mobile database systems [1]
    Manifest Manhood on the Santa Fe Trail: Trapping and Trading in the American Southwest, 1821-1847 [1]
    Mantra: a chamber opera [1]
    Manual and Power Toothbrushes & Techniques [1]