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    I Bought Me a Cat [1]
    I Can; Analyzing Self- Reflection Statements of French Language Learners [1]
    “I Cannot Rule Myself” The Pitfalls of Sensibility in Mary Shelley's The Last Man [1]
    I consign her wretched walk, her words, deeds, and evil talk: erotic magic and women in the ancient Greco-Roman world [1]
    I. Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of 6,7-Annulated-5-Substituted Libraries. II. Current Efforts Towards The Synthesis of 4-Azaindole Aryne Precursors [1]
    The Identification and Comparison of Learning Styles of Vocal Music Educators at Varying Levels [1]
    Identification of a Novel Link between the Motor Proteins Dynein and Kinesin-1 [1]
    Identification of demographics and comorbidities associated with Vascular Hamartomas [1]
    Identification of motifs in the tribbles kinase required for substrate interactions [1]
    Identification of novel coding single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome [1]
    Identification of Novel Regulatory Genes in Acetaminophen Induced Hepatocyte Toxicity by a Genome-Wide CRISPR/Cas9 Screen [1]
    Identification of significant periodic genes in microarray gene expression data [2]
    Identifying and analyzing the challenges of teaching writing in the secondary classroom [1]
    Identifying personality and topics of social media [1]
    Identifying relationships among drug side-effects using probabilistic association rule mining [1]
    iHear – Lightweight Machine Learning Engine with Context Aware Audio Recognition Model [1]
    Il est doux [1]
    Image compression and energy harvesting for energy constrained sensors [1]
    Imagining and performing The Self in NAZI Germany: Leisure and travel in the correspondence of Hilde Laube and Roland Nordhoff, 1938-39 [1]
    iMOST: Intelligent Motion-Sensing Approaches for Tracking Emotion [1]