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    Paganini [2]
    Paganini Etude no. 6 in a minor [1]
    Painting the Mundane: An Examination of the Life and Career of René Magritte [1]
    Paleoseismology and Archaeoseismology along the Southern Dead Sea Transform in Wadi 'Arabah Near the municipality of Aqaba, Jordan [1]
    A Panorama of Breathing Techniques for the Beginning Student of Voice, Voice Therapy and Adult Students [1]
    Pant Roles: a Theatrical Convention [1]
    The paradox of prosperity in China: the interplay among entrepreneurs, government, and venture capitalists at initial public offering [1]
    Parametric Soil-Structure Modeling for Rapid Climatic Disaster Response [1]
    Parental Multi-Meanings of School Choice: A Narrative, Phenomenological Case Study [1]
    Part I: Effect of Nanomicelle Size on Trans-scleral Permeability of Dexamethasone and Part II: Strategies to Minimize Octreotide Acylation during Sustained Release from Biodegradable Polymers [1]
    Part I: The synthesis of chenodeoxycholic acid derived macrocyles and cage compounds. Part II. Sonogashira coupling for the synthesis of well-defined π-conjugated arylene ethynylene oligomers as blue-light-emitting materials [1]
    Parting, Without a Sequel [1]
    Parting, without a sequel [1]
    The Partnership of the Genders: An Analysis of Leadership Theory [1]
    The Path Less Traveled. [1]
    The Path of Revival and Camp Meeting Song in 19th Century America [1]
    Pathétique: a tale of two rabbys [1]
    Paul Creston: His Life, Philosophies, and Selected Works [1]
    A Pedagogical Approach to the Suite in G Major for Violoncello Solo by J. S. Bach [1]
    Pedagogical Comparisons of Choral and Solo Singing [1]