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    1897 Exposition Congolaise, Tervuren: Colonialism and the Belgian Avant-Garde [1]
    18th and 19th century Coverture and how it affected laws, love, and life [1]
    2 for the Price of 1: Combining Access Services and Reference Desks [1]
    The 2010 African American Read-In [1]
    2016 Focus on Assessment Conference Program [1]
    2016 MoKanSan Conference Agenda [1]
    3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A lyase: investigation of cysteines mediating intersubunit disulfide formation and regulation by thiol/disulfide exchange and discovery of an extramitochondrial homolog [1]
    364 Days: Suite for Jazz Orchestra [1]
    3D Hand Pose Estimation Via a Lightweight Deep Learning Model [1]
    3D modeling and integration of current and future interconnect technologies [1]
    3D Printing of Microneedles via Embedded 3D Printing using an Associative Surfactant System [1]
    3q26 Amplification is Rarely Present in Women Whose LSIL Cytology does not Represent CIN 2+ Disease [1]
    40+ years of UMKC's Clinical Medical Librarian Program [1]
    A 100-Year Historical Study of East High School in Kansas City, Missouri [1]
    A Computational Study of The Electrical Response of Biological Cells with Realistic Three-Dimensional Morphologies [1]
    A Court of Public Opinion: American Sex Work in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era [1]
    A critical review of narrative coherence theory for use with Congolese refugee women who are resettling in the United States [1]
    A Cross-Case Study: The Personal and Professional Challenges Experienced by Nurse Educators at Three Midwestern Colleges and Universities During the Covid-19 Pandemic [1]
    A Cubic Spline Projection Method for Computing Stationary Density Functions of Frobenius-Perron Operator [1]
    A decoupled scheme for a single-phase model in ferrohydrodynamics [1]