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    Quantum nucleodynamics (QND) : the theory underlying the lattice simulation of LENR transmutations [1]
    Quantum potential corporation : advancing the next technological revolution [1]
    Radiation coupling : nuclear protons to deep-orbit-electrons, then to the lattice [1]
    Recent advances in deuterium permeation induced transmutation experiments using nano-structured Pd/CaO/Pd multilayer thin film [1]
    Recent results from gas loaded nanoparticle-type cluster power units [1]
    Registration information [1]
    Relativistic coupling between lattice vibrations and nuclear excitation [1]
    Revisiting the early BARC tritium results (1989-1996) [1]
    Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR) overview [1]
    Simulation of the formation of craters in LENR cathode materials [1]
    Simulation of the nuclear transmutation effects in LENR [1]
    Speaker biographies [1]
    Sporadic neutron production by pressure-loaded D/Ti systems under high rates of temperature change [1]
    Subbarrier processes in LENR for particles in correlated states at action of damping and fluctuations [1]
    Succes in making tritium [1]
    Theoretical analysis and reaction mechanisms for experimental results of hydrogen-nickel systems [1]
    Theoretical landscape in condensed matter nuclear science consistent with phonon theory [1]
    Theoretical study on the nuclear reactions in solids by calculating quantum states of the system including two species of charged bosons in ion traps [1]
    Transmutation in biological & chemical systems [1]
    The two phase diagrams for PdD [1]