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    Born-Oppenheimer and fixed basis models for vibrations in a metal lattice and phonon fluctuations [1]
    Cavitation-induced fusion : proof of concept [1]
    Composition measurements and imagery of nanoparticle gas loading experiments as an investigation of LENR reactions [1]
    Construction of a variable micro-nano-gap instrument for chemical reaction studies and mimicking of possible NAE like structures [1]
    Decay of 4 He*^ from PdD and transmutation [1]
    Deep-orbit-electron radiation absorption and emission [1]
    Empirical evidence for two distinct effects : low-level d-d fusion in metals and anomalous excess heat [1]
    Erzion interpretation of our experimental results with light, heat and plasma stimulation of cold nuclear transmutation [1]
    Excess heat might not be entirely from nuclear reactions [1]
    Heat generation from hydrogen/deuterium pressurization of nanoparticles : composition and temperature effect on heat output [1]
    Hydrogen absorption and excess heat in a constantan wire with nanostructured surface [1]
    ICCF 18 Poster Index [1]
    Imaging of an active LANR quantum electronic component by CR-39 [1]
    Incremental emission from ZrO2-Pd-D nanostructured CF/LANR quantum electronic component [1]
    Investigation of radiation effects in water solutions during exposure with laser or LEDs light [1]
    Live open science, a good fit for LENR research [1]
    The magnetic force acting between nucleons [1]
    Method of controlling a chemically-induced nuclear reaction in metal nanoparticles [1]
    Modeling LENR chemical environments by computational chemistry [1]
    Neutron isotope reactions [1]