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    Analysis of compressional mode excitation in an air capacitor configuration for a controlled Karabut experiment
    Anomalous Exothermic and Endothermic Data Observed by Nano-Ni-Composite Samples
    Anomalous Heat Induced by Deuterium Flux in a Bunch of Long-Thin Palladium Tubes using PID Method for Calorimetry
    Application of a piezo sensor matrix for in situ, real-time characterization of low energy nuclear events.
    Applying the Scientific Method to Understand Anomalous Heat Effect
    Born-Oppenheimer and fixed basis models for vibrations in a metal lattice and phonon fluctuations
    Cavitation-Induced Fusion: Proof of Concept
    Composition measurements and imagery of nanoparticle gas loading experiments as an investigation of LENR reactions
    Construction of a variable micro-nano-gap instrument for chemical reaction studies and mimicking of possible NAE like structures
    Decay of 4 He*^ from PdD and transmutation
    Deep-orbit-electron radiation absorption and emission
    Empirical Evidence for Two Distinct Effects: Low-level d-d Fusion in Metals and Anomalous Excess Heat
    Erzion Interpretation of Our Experimental Results with Light, Heat and Plasma Stimulation of Cold Nuclear Transmutation
    Excess heat might not be entirely from nuclear reactions
    Heat generation from hydrogen/deuterium pressurization of nanoparticles : composition and temperature effect on heat output
    Hydrogen absorption and excess heat in a constantan wire with nanostructured surface
    ICCF 18 Poster Index
    Imaging of an Active LANR Quantum Electronic Component by CR-39
    Incremental Emission from ZrO2-Pd-D Nanostructured CF/LANR Quantum Electronic Component
    Investigation of radiation effects in water solutions during exposure with laser or LEDs light