• Are Radial Tractor Tires Cost Effective? 

    Frisby, James C. (James Curtis), 1930- (University of Missouri Office of Extension, 1993-10)
    When Pirelli Co. developed the first radial tractor tire in 1957, the company claimed it would develop 20 percent greater traction with less slippage at equal load than an equivalent bias-ply tire. (Forrest, et al. 1962) ...
  • Farming with one tractor 

    Casady, William W.; Massey, Raymond E., 1957- (University of Missouri Office of Extension, 1997-08)
    Although few farms claim only one tractor in their machinery inventory, it is possible to choose, equip and schedule a single tractor to accomplish all of the field work on a farm. Even though most tractors have a flexible ...
  • Tractor Tire and Ballast Management 

    Casady, William W. (University of Missouri Office of Extension, 1997-12)
    Careful management of ballast and tire inflation pressure can maximize tractive efficiency, minimize compaction, increase tractor drivetrain life and increase profitability.