• Design Criteria for Bottom-Withdrawal (Lake-Cleaning) Spillway 

    Rausch, David; Pfost, Donald L.; Caldwell, Larry (University of Missouri Office of Extension, 1993-10)
    A pond or lake equipped with a bottom-withdrawal spillway will store the highest-quality water possible for a reservoir in a given location. This is desirable when the reservoir will provide water for municipalities, ...
  • Operation of a Bottom-Withdrawal (Lake-Cleaning) Spillway 

    Pfost, Donald L.; Rausch, David; Caldwell, Larry (University of Missouri Office of Extension, 1993-10)
    This guide describes the operation and maintenance of a unique new principal (pipe) spillway for a pond or lake supplying clean water for municipalities, recreation, domestic use or trickle irrigation.
  • Vegetative Filters for Dairy Waste 

    Fulhage, Charles Duane; Pfost, Donald L. (University of Missouri Extension, 1994-12)
    A vegetative filter is a grassy area that receives rainfall runoff from an open livestock feedlot. The vegetative filter separates nutrients from the lot runoff and provides an infiltration area for the runoff water so ...