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    What are the indications for meningococcal vaccination? [1]
    What evaluation is best for an isolated, enlarged cervical lymph node? [1]
    What GI stress ulcer prophylaxis should we provide hospitalized patients? [1]
    What hormonal contraception is most effective for obese women? [1]
    What is the best approach to a solitary pulmonary nodule identified by chest x-ray? [1]
    What is the best approach to goiter for euthyroid patients? [1]
    What is the best approach to the evaluation of resting tachycardia for an adult? [1]
    What is the best initial treatment for orbital cellulitis in children? [1]
    What is the best management for patients with evidence of asymptomatic ischemia on exercise stress testing? [1]
    What is the best treatment for chronic constipation in the elderly? [1]
    What is the best treatment for hypertension in African Americans? [1]
    What is the best way to evaluate secondary infertility? [1]
    What is the preferred treatment for a child with mild persistent asthma? [1]
    What is the recommended workup for a man with a first UTI? [1]
    What is the risk of bowel strangulation in an adult with an untreated inguinal hernia? [1]
    What other STI testing should we do for a patient with chlamydia? [1]
    What steps can reduce morbidity and mortality caused by hip fractures? [1]
    What treatment approach to intrapartum maternal fever has the best fetal outcomes? [1]
    What's the best diagnostic evaluation of night sweats? [1]
    What's the best strategy for bipolar disorder during pregnancy? [1]