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    Preservice elementary teachers' initial and post-course views of mathematical arguments: an interpretative phenomenological analysis [1]
    Producing the American zombie film: a sociological understanding of the genesis and evolution of a genre [1]
    Program evaluation of the character [1]
    A program evaluation of the character education program at a junior high school in Saint Louis County [1]
    Project ARCHES : an evaluation of a modified family check-up intervention in an assessment setting [1]
    Pupillary Light Reflex Deficits in a Canine Model of Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis and the Effects of Enzyme Replacement Therapy [1]
    Pupillary light reflex in children with autism spectrum disorders [1]
    The race-based school assignment policy response to Parents Involved v. Seattle schools by 125 districts from the Civil Rights Commission's 1987 meta study on the effects of desegregation [1]
    Reacculturation of college freshmen in a freshmen orientation course [1]
    Regulation of positive emotions in youth : relations with affect and depression [1]
    The relationship between ethnic identity, perceived acceptance, and sociocultural adjustment of African students in the US [1]
    Relationships between academic disidentification and incarceration in African American males [1]
    Religious similarity and relationship quality [1]
    The Republic of Korea's public libraries : a critical examination of censorship practices [1]
    Resistance management of the western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera) : behavior, survival and the potential for cross resistance on Bt corn in the field, greenhouse and laboratory [1]
    Restructuring for collaboration: a case study [1]
    Reversing underachievement among gifted secondary students [1]
    the Robin Hood ballads and the appropriation of aristocratic and clerical justice [1]
    Robust scale transformation methods in IRT true score equating under common-item nonequivalent groups design [1]
    The role and implications of citizen environmental boards in state-level policy-making : [1]