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    Design and analysis of a new bounded log-linear regression model
    Design and optical characterization of gallium arsenide aluminum arsenide material system reflective modulators for mid-infrared free space optical applications using solid-source molecular beam epitaxy
    Design of an Efficient Controller for Arterial Oxygen Saturation in Neonatal Infants
    Designing a robust supply chain network against disruptions
    Determining reliability and validity of the "Principal perceptions of induction practices" survey assessing newly hired teacher induction to school culture
    Development and determination of reliability and validity of professional learning community collaborative team survey (CTS)
    The development and validation of a three-tier diagnostic test measuring pre-service elementary education and secondary science teachers' understanding of the water cycle
    Development of a practical model for school leaders using elementary student data to predict high school dropout risk
    Development of a rhodium tetrathioether bombesin analogue and investigation of cyclic and acyclic ligand systems for 105Rh(III)
    The development of high dielectric constant composites and their application in a compact high power antenna
    Development of model systems for the vector-host-pathogen interface of bubonic plague
    Development of post-traumatic osteoarthritis models to evaluate the effects of impact injury on joint health for clinical disease treatment and prevention
    The dilemma of liberal democracies : an aggregate analysis of counterterrorist efforts
    Disease ecology of free-ranging dogs in Central India : implications for wildlife conservation
    a disease model for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    Do role models matter?: exploring the correlates of motivational and imitative role modeling by professionals
    does agency structure matter?
    Domain-general and domain-specific brain activations and networks in visual and auditory working memory
    Domain-general and domain-specific brain activations and neural networks in visual and auditory working memory
    Ecomorphological implications of primate dietary variability: an experimental model